Thong Ae's Home Fund

  • $550.00

Some years ago Lek Chairlert was contacted by the Thai authorities in desperate need of help. The night before they had detained a few young boys that had recently joined the Samurai gang and had committed various crimes. The police wanted to see if Lek somehow could help these young boys turn their lives around. Of course Lek took action and sent an art teacher to teach the young teens to paint. It was then that an artist was born! Fast forward to the present and this young man who now has an art gallery has come to help her keep baby Thong Ae at Elephant Nature Park by donating these absolutely GORGEOUS originals from actual pics of our baby Navann! 

As Many of you know baby Thong Ae was granted her freedom after her owner visited her at Elephant Nature Park, and saw that it would be terrible cruelty to take baby Thong Ae away from the home and the family (herd) she has learned to love. So now we are racing to raise the funds to keep this beautiful baby where she belongs free of all abuse and cruelty. 100% of the proceeds of these original paintings of baby Navann will go to keeping Baby Thong Ae home's fund!


Product Description:

Original Oil Canvas Painting

Newborn Baby Navann 31x24in

Baby Navann and His Ball 31x24in

Baby Navann Under His Mom 23x16in

*Not stretched, not Framed


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